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LB1800G Insulating Glass Production Line

PLC man-machine interface display screen switches and pilot light are all imported.
Automatic starting, suspending and stopping.
Washing-conveying mechanism is upward.
Drying conveys by wheel.
Inspecting glass cleaness.
Washing-conveying starts together by the foot control and hand control.
Automatic glass and alum-frame locate,as well as the assembling.
Automatic implemention of the roll-pressing procedure.
Glass-rotation can be made automatically or by hand.
Auto-heating for the washing water according to the season changing.
Supervision by man-machine interface display screen.


Functions characteristics:

PLC man-machine interface display screen switches and pilot light are all imported.
Automatic starting, suspending and stopping.
Washing-conveying mechanism is upward.
Drying conveys by wheel.
Inspecting glass cleaness.
Washing-conveying starts together by the foot control and hand control.
Automatic glass and alum-frame locate,as well as the assembling.
Automatic implemention of the roll-pressing procedure.
Glass-rotation can be made automatically or by hand.
Auto-heating for the washing water according to the season changing.
Supervision by man-machine interface display screen. 

Technique parameter:

Max .glass size                                                               1800*2500mm

Min .glass size                                                                300*500mm

Glass thickness                                                             3-50mm

Thickness of washing glass                                       UP TO 50mm

Working speed                                                              12m/min

Brush                                                                              3pair(LOW-E)

Power voltage                                                               380V,50Hz

Size of line                                                                    15000*2350*3000mm

Power rate                                                                    12.8KW

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